Dynamic Trader software

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    does anybody have an experience in dynamic tarder
  2. Probably a side trip for a person interested in a money-making path.

    Maybe get the book if you're curious. Used to sell for $100. You can't get back the time you spend on it, but I don't know if I can say that all side trips can or should be avoided in trading. No one gets into trading with a blank slate. The mind learning on its own wants to believe in things. No doubt there are a lot of things out there that seemingly offer what the mind seeks.

    In any case, I'd pass on the software though. What does it cost nowadays? Don't remember what I paid, maybe around 2 thousand. I tried to give it away a few years back to a friend who asked for some EW stuff but there was some hassle with transferring the key or something or other. Just collects dust on the shelf now.

    I think a 6 month subscription to his newsletter came with the software. Not mocking the guy or anything, but his trade recommendations on the stock indexes kept getting stopped out for big hits if I remember correctly. Predicting and betting is what I would call it. A bit of experience with how the vendoring industry operates is probably a good thing.


    could you please tell if it is good or bad ..as simple as that. is it woth buying it ot not.