Dynamic pivots indicator

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by trader333, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. I am looking for dynamic pivot indicator which was included in windowsonwallstreet software which was bought by tradestation. I have looked at the list of indicators in TS but could'nt find it. Anybody has an idea where to find it.
  2. What is the definition of dynamic pivots?
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    Boy, are you taking a walk down memory lane :cool:

    I still have this on my hard drive, though I haven't used it in years. I don't show anything called "dynamic pivot" in my list. Are you talking about something that was added in the last few years, or could it be listed as something else?
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    The example they're showing uses MetaStock. Wish I could help you.
  5. I know it shows metastock version but if you read the manual posted just below the link for dp it is mentioned in setup section that this indicator is available in window on wall street day trader edition. Thanks for your help.
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    That explains it. The Day Trader edition is more recent than what I have. However, I bet if you contacted TS technical (NOT customer service), they might be able to help you, if the guys there have been around for a while.