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    I hadn't seen Fast Money in several months. Last week, I noticed there were folks guest-hosting and I saw part of a few episodes when making dinner. Then today Dylan was back.

    Setting aside the typical (and oft-deserved) trashing of CNBC's programming, here's a serious question -- is Fast Money simply (or more) intolerable with Dylan Ratigan as host? Or has he just gotten more annoying since the last time I saw him on-air a few months back?

    From where I sit, is it just me or does he LOVE to hear himself talk? Constantly talking over his panelists, cutting them off, and acting quite like he is the Cat's Meow there. I mean, hell - at least the other people @ the desk trade....he's just a news reader, right? And the shouting the constant SHOUTING, from the start of the show until the end.....he's a horrible host, in my humble opinion.

    Yet another reason why I tend to avoid CNBC where possible....though for some reason I still use the first segment of FM for background noise when I'm making dinner because I do find the capsule review of market highlights in that first segment somewhat useful if I hadn't been trading that day. *furrows brow*
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    I agree with you completely.
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    his favorite line: to the extent that...
  4. There's one nearly as annoying on CNBC World... Martin Baccardax
  5. Dylan reminds me of a used car salesman. They need less Ratigan and more Santelli.
  6. He's the "chairman" for crying out loud. What the hell did you expect? Also how can you not like the guy who sez publicly that Hank Paulson is an idiot with a socialist agenda that only his cronies down at Wall Street can benefit?
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    I like some of what he says - direct and blunt - but despise the manner in which he says it on-air. Loud and full of "manly bravado."

    If I want SportsCenter I'll turn to ESPN.
  8. he's not a bad guy. i think he does the show well;i just don't like the show as it does'nt offer anything. the guy that talks too much is the bald guy but then again,he's not a bad guy either. its a show for amateurs.
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    Agree it's a show for amateurs, which is why I only find part of it interesting/amusing just to find out what happened during the day -- it's like being totally famished on the road and stopping off @ the first McDonalds instead of looking around for a California Pizza Kitchen. Fast Money's first segment is that McDonalds for my market news.

    What's funny is how different these guys are when doing bits elsewhere on the network -- Macke is proper, conversant, calm, and easy to watch when he does the occasional guest hostintg job at lunch....but put 'em on FM and Macke (the bald guy) is talking out of the side of his mouth, sneering, jeering, and full of manly bravado. And Dylan doesn't shout on Closing Bell, if memory serves.

    Meh. No biggie. It's newsfotainment.
  10. He seems fairly high maintenance, but his hosting of FM is fine for me. It's just chit-chat. Not much different from ET. I spend more time watching the Kudlow show, and Cramer KNOWS NOTHING!
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