Dylan Ratigan QUITS CNBS...

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by dsq, Mar 27, 2009.

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    He's quit cnbs...his ego got the better of him...'in other words' he started beleiving the size of his mouth was related to his intelligence.I noticedc that horrible fast moiney show was always better when they had a substitute host...
    Who will want to hire a blabber mouth like that-not bloomberg...maybe fox biz but nobody watches that...DR quits during a recession.What a genius.Welcome to a pay cut buddy.
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    The CNBC network is a joke! Sorry if that offends the cramer lovers..........He should be fired also....LOL
  4. My understanding of the premise of Fast Money was that the host talked fast and loud.

    I am not sure if the CNBC bench has any fast and loud talkers.
    Matt Nesto and Trish Reagan are neither.

    I say if they try want to replace Rattigan with a fast talking loud mouth, then there only choice would be for Cramer or Kudlow to do double duty.
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    I sensed a lot of animosity between him and Maria Bartiromo. She was always laughing openly at him. It was kinda weird... She once spent a whole minute or so mocking his pronunciation of "angst."

    I wonder if that had anything to do with it?
  6. I think she was tryin to detract from that little kiss they had on the air last year. Ratian always talked 3 times more than was necessary explaining the undestood whether we needed it or not. Now they need to get rid of Giant Colasell Man ...the one down at the end and have Carter Worth there or Worth could have his own show.