Dylan Ratigan Found!

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  1. On Keith Olbermann's show "Countdown" commenting on the GOP using Bristol Palin as their "abstinence" poster child . . .


    Ratigan starts his own 2-hour show on MSNBC from 9-11am on June 29th.

  2. Former drug users typically are used as drug counselors, former gang-bangers, etc ...

    It really is an abhorrent, disgusting display when the left attacks this girl.
    But, I'm certainly used to it. It comes in all forms from the left.
  3. She is NOT credible as an abstinence advocate. Abstinence is a dead end issue for 21st century teens. It simply does not fly.
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    She and that whole family of amoral garbage are exactly the opposite image of the values they profess.The mother is knocked up while the same time her daughter is knocked up by the son of a meth head mother....Total trailer trash.Then the new grandmother trashes the father of her grandchild.
    This family is repulsive-you couldnt dream up a better episode on jerry springer.They lied to the whole country about the kids getting married.
    Why anybody from the right defends this gutter trash speaks volumes about the right and how retarded they is.
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    Dam good post
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  7. Did you profess the same digust for the clinton family?

    They were truly the first family of white trash.

    Bill's mom didn't even know who her babies daddy was.

  8. You never met these people. If you spent a week with them I am sure you would have fun. Hunting, fishing, smowmobiling, a few beers, airplane tours, Alaska.

    A place where real men enjoy.

  9. That is certainly one way to look at it.

    You could apply the same judgemet to Mr. Obama's family tree, Mr. Clinton's morals, FDR, JFK, etc., etc..

    Most people who put themselves in on the public stage will have the same trouble regarding hypocrisy. We all are hypocrites, but most of us tend to stay out of the limelight. This does not change the fact that there is a moral compass that we should endeavor to follow.
  10. Welcome to the face of the New Republican Party, begun by W, the guy 'you could feel comfortable drinking a beer with.'

    Who will stop the Obama-Goldman hijacking of this nation, now?

    The Republicans need to get complete morons like Palin and Michelle Bachmann the hell out of the public eye, and put up some actual thinkers if they stand any chance of coming back.

    The seminal moment in the collapse of the Republican Party was Sarah Palin appearing on SNL alongside Tina Faye.

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