Dylan is Twittering his whereabouts

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by uptick1, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. uptick1



    Look where everybodys' good old buddy old buddy old pal is twittering these days.

    I saw Eric Bolling's last show on Fast Money and it didn't look like he and Dylan got along. In fact, I think Eric left Fast Money because he didn't get a long with Dylan. And now, Dylan is trying to hook up with Eric?
  2. Teen age girls have Lindsay, Britney, and Paris to follow and fuss over.

    All us poor suckers who are traders have is Cramer and Dylan Rattigan.
  3. bpcnabe


    Dylan Ratigan is a twit.
  4. Only the morons who watch CNBC.
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  7. dsq


    pray that he doesnt show up on bloomberg..pray.

    that said hes one dumb guy quitting now...viewership and ad rates must be tanking and getting a decent contract will be hard...cnbc is the place for big egos like his...he will have a hard time with his ego and all...