dykstra declared bankruptcy.

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    just got an email about it...
  2. Post the email then.
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  4. What does this have to do with markets or trading?
  5. Lots. Good stuff. Thanks!
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    Former MLB all-star turned options pundit Lenny Dykstra has been let go by TheStreet.com (NASDAQ: TSCM). The New York Post reports that "Dykstra's column revolved around a thrice per week electronic subscription newsletter that netted Dykstra close to $1 million a year."
  7. Didn't this tool also invest heavily in very expensive, high tech car wash systems?
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    While teaching other professional athletes how to manage their money, apparently he had forgotten how to manage his.
  9. Strange how you can have an options strategy that goes 1000-0
    and still go bankrupt...
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