dykstra back on hbo real sports.

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    but this time, hbo actually does some minor investigating.

    (if it was major investigating, they'd find some stuff out which hasn't been reported elsewhere)

    the show will air tomorrow (tuesday), 10 pm on their real sports program. philly daily news got an advance copy, ran a quick summary of parts of it:


    guess what? all the people who dykstra owes money to are "criminals". just like lenny's perfect 109-0 record, except for the losing options trades that he didn't want to count.

    thank you, cramer, for giving credibility (he said dykstra was "one of the great ones in this business" and one of the four or five people he'd go to for stock advice) for several years to this sleazeball.
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    Thanks. Katie Morgan porn 101 is immediately following Real Sports. :D :D :D
  3. How bad was this guy's performance when he was making calls for thestreet.com?

    It had to be among the worst there, and that's saying something.
  4. His performance was great. Much like Jim Cramer, he doesn't count his losing trades.

    Can't believe people actually fall for snake oiler's like Dykstra, Timmy Sykes, Parness, Cramer, etc, etc. etc.
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    According to our NY-based WFAN all-sports radio station, they said the other day that Dykstra went from +60 MM in net worth, to -50 MM in net worth; that is, a 110MM negative swing. Apparently, lots of bad investments, and some large unscrupulous loans, which he cannot pay back.

    Dysktra was always a decent, hard-nosed ball player with the NY Mets, although he was always rumored to be on the juice. However, his verbal IQ bordered on stupidity. When Jim Cramer gave him all of his verbal accolades, that was the kiss of death.....basically, whatever Cramer touts, turns to *hit !!
  6. the clown sounded like a moron.

    1) that craptor would endorse him is a terrible indictment.

    2) that anyone would follow the picks of an obvious moron.........


    Its said that he suffered brain damage that day


    Yes, I sold TSCM at $70 a share on ipo day. Way back, not on this pitiful chart.
  7. Wow.

    I never get the people who don't know when to take profits and tuck them aside, as their reserve money.

    It doesn't make sense.
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    Yeah, greed is a horrible thing.....add some less than intelligent behavior, and it is a real bad combo. Dykstra is/was the not brightest light, and he had excessive gambling traits. Additionally, he was playing with less than scrupulous lenders, so it sounds like he's in a heap of trouble, on multiple fronts.
  9. Without getting into specific numbers, and this doesn't make me a better person or anything, I specifically told my friends in the same line of work to pay off any debts they had, book profits, and if they were going to continue to develop and build, do it with non-recourse loans. I was doing this and recommending this back in 2006.

    One person listened, and you'd think I had literally saved his life every time he sees me.

    The rest are all in serious financial trouble.

    There's a time to make hay, when the sun is shining.

    Right, now working hard in many cases is akin to struggling to get out of quicksand - you'll just sink deeper and faster.

    Eventually, the time will be right to make hay again, when the sun comes out.

    I see that day as a long way out. Just my .02
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    unfortunate weak piece.
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