Dying White Man heckled by racist blacks

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    Apr 7 2006

    A GOOD Samaritan has spoken of his disgust after a dying man was heckled by yobs.

    Travis Marshall, 42, tried in vain to save an elderly driver who had a heart attack at the wheel and careered into a bus.

    But as the victim took his last breath, sick youths in tracksuits and hoods clashed with police and yelled: "He is just a white man."

    Mr Marshall, who performed emergency CPR on the man in St James's Road, Bermondsey, last Friday, said: "It was sickening. Here you had a dying man, people trying to save him and police trying to clear the scene.

    "Then there were these black youths and all they wanted to do was fight the cops. They were saying, 'You think I am scared of you because of your uniform'.

    "I told them to have some respect because a man was dying and they shouted, 'Who cares - it's just a white man'."
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  2. Ricter


    The ultimate, ugly result of dividing people up into these moronic categories. Sad, pathetic.

    And yet, it's still irresistable, isn't it? Everyone just can't stop using the labels and thinking like they actually make meaningful distinctions. The sympathetic, the haters, the objective reporters. Everyone.
  3. it's a long time coming... oh well, society will reap what it's sown...
  4. ktm


    Put them on the news. Interview them. Let's hear more from these people.
  5. Ricter


    Think you might hear something new?
  6. Pabst


    It must make Democrats proud to know 95% of all voting Blacks (and for you Rictor, negro's)are members of their party.....
  7. that's funny, when the current NEOCONS were actually steadfast socialistic commies in their previous incarnation... they were on the same side. LOL LOL

    wonder what happened?
  8. Ricter


    Negro is no more a useful label than Black.
  9. Pabst


    So you're anti-label? I saw you very quickly on another thread distinguish your self as a Canadian vs. an American. Enlighten us. What's an appropriate label?
  10. Ricter


    1) Am I anti-label, or did I state that one label is no better than the other?

    2) You read wrong, nowhere have I said I'm a Canadian.

    3) Anyway, the word "racist" is still just fine for describing people who think and judge people according to the concept "race".

    Think twice, post once.
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