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  1. Latest Biotech crap mover. Hmm, short at open at around 6 and watch it give back 50% in gains?
  2. agree, 10% or even more drop from current 5.9 is very probable
  3. Dont short this

    50% move is very strong
  4. gabe


    why so confident that the gap gets filled ?
  5. Too late...I did at 6.32...freaked out as it went to like 6.90, then went down to about 6.18 where I covered. Not a very big gain but not a loss.

    I'm done with it unless I see it go up to like 6.50, then maybe short again, but sure as hell don't want to go into the weekend with it.

    I'm pretty pissed about FMT. I secretely bought a few days ago at like 6.39...dumped yesterday at even money, now its at 7...my timing sucks! I had too much action in it to begin with.
  6. jo.m


    For DYAX, safe to short only to 5.62 on the 5 minute chart.
  7. S2007S


    surprised to see that you can short.
  8. S2007S


    in at 5.92 sold at 6.05. No need to hold this one long term.