Dwight Eisenhower Warned Us: The Military-Industrial Complex WILL Bankrupt Us

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  1. Oh somebody get me out of here, my sides are splitting... I noticed that it was Clinton that set off the distortions in the banking system and mandated the loans in the redlined districts that set off the current economic crisis... ever since then assclown liberals have been blaming everybody else... just everybody... hah haa.. a NYTimes article......
  2. When was the last time a neocon republican ever invoked Ike and his words of caution?

    Just like the southern racists became Dixiecrats when democracy for blacks was ushered in when the northern states with a conscience worked to establish rights for blacks in the south, so too the corporate greed and capitalism over real national security has driven republicans to make their own deal with the devil...
  3. Why would presume anything remotely resembling affinity for Clinton from people you describe as Liberals?

    There is nary a slice of daylight between either party in our dirty and corrupt two-party government.

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    This is all part of that rightwingnut fairytale that all Democrats are liberals, and all liberals are Democrats.

    President Clinton was as much a moderate Republican as he was a "liberal". No liberal would have rushed back to Arkansas during the 1992 primaries to sign a death-penalty order to show he was tough on crime. No liberal would have signed NAFTA and GATT. Clinton did all that and more, yet the right-wing spin machine continues to put out nonsense about "superliberal" Clinton. Hell, Hillary lost the 2008 primary in no small part because her campaigning was right out of Karl Rove's playbook, and most rank-and-file Democrats said "Fuck that!"
  5. He wasn't a liberal, he was a Democrat faced with the fact that if his party lost just a small fraction of the black votes that it was over... so his big issue, and it was big, it was in all the press, stories and videos about how blacks can't get a loan at the same bank that whites could... it was setting us up for the insane distortions in the free market that became the subprime problem that has the world's economy teetering on the edge... and now the NYTimes and every liberal shitty rag or tv station is having us look in all other directions for an answer to our economic problems..
  6. The Wall Street Journal hasn't exactly been an institution of public trust in doling out the prescriptions for what economically ails (and will continue to ail) us.

    All power brokers are pushing the same global 'throw gargantuan amounts of fiat currency at the wall and see what sticks' plan.

    It is doomed to a sudden death.

    Consumption and jobs are the problem.

    You can lead Joe Sixpack to the mall or auto dealer, but you can't force him to buy.
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    You're an idiot who wants to blame the world-wide financial crisis on Black people. Nobody dictated that the banks had to give liar loans to anybody, that was THEIR CHOICE. Redlining has nothing to do with making reasonable credit checks, it is racism that discriminates against middle-class Blacks by treating them no differently than deadbeat Blacks. When redlining was attacked, the banks decided all on their own to go from one extreme to the other.