Dwelling on subdivision of edge in continuance, TYPES

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  1. please exclude Arb and highly technical based edge

    this thread only focuses on trend and mean reversion

    envisage the following

    You and I use the same edge

    we clog up the orders at price 100

    price reaches 100

    our market orders execute driving the price up 10 20 30 points

    suddenly in 1 second, price is beyond our target, we automatically enter sell orders

    price drops 10 20 30 points

    we all made 5 points each which was our target

    we can all use the same edge :D :cool:

    sure trading like this would be strange but we could do it :D
  2. not to diverge from the topic but change we can believe in :p :p :p :p
  3. Rex84


    sounds nice and legal...
  4. you sound like I know you :confused:

    nope never mind