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    Does anybody in this room trade on a dvp basis? If so can you please reply I have some questions.
    Thank you
  2. Very rare any more. We have a couple of groups who do this, but the risk is enormous...analogous to giving someone a blank check or an unlimited credit card. Still a couple of "good ol' boys" in the network, however.

  3. not that I no anything about DVP

    but is this illegal nowadays ?

  4. Guys, DVP is used every day by MANY funds.

    It's not a "strategy" to be termed legal or illegal.

    Delivery Versus Payment is how those using prime brokers generally function. You do your trading wherever you choose to execute (and you have a DVP agreement with them), and your clearing broker pays them for delivery of your trades with cash/financing from your prime account.
  5. is "dvp" / "rvp" related to "agency" trading and principal trading done on the street ?
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    Does anybody here trade DVP. If so I think I can really help you out
  7. these are the questions you have??
  8. That's funny.

    So, how might you be able to help someone in that situation?

    Edit: Ahh, now I c. You're a sales trader.
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    Because if you look under his profile you realize he is is a non ET sponsor trolling for customers as a spammer.

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    you are right I am looking for new business but my intentions are not to be "spamming" I think I have a lot to offer, and if you give me a chance I can prove it. I work with accounts as small as 1 million and as large as 30 billion. I apologize if you thought I was spamming.
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