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    Can I run multiple DVI monitors on a analog video card?

    If so, is there any downside?

    (I have a quad video card, but would like to upgrade to flat panel monitors}

  2. No.

    to run DVI (Flat Panels) you need to have a QUAD DVI Card.

    I run FOur DVI Flat Panels with a DVI QUAD Card.

    the card is the Matrox G200mms. It only comes in PCI configuration.

    If you plan on running Four DVI Flats, it is for the money the lowest cost and highest quality card out there IMHO.

  3. momo, how much and where can I get one (for the best price)?

  4. I am guessing the monitor must be a few years old not to offer dual capabilities. Most LCDs out there now have analog compatibility if you don't wish to switch cards immediately. This is just smart marketing on their side.
  5. Not to confuse you.

    But you can run Four DVI/Analog Flat Panels with your Analog Quad Card.

    Since quite a few of the Flat Panels on the mrkt. nowadays have DVI and Analog capability.

    Just choose the Analog connectors when hooking things up...


  6. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2744935710&category=40160

    They seem to have went back up.

    I remember seeing them around $99 a few months ago.

    However, this one is brand new and comes with the Analog cables.... so maybe thats why.

    My buddy Jeff G. who runs GreenTree Trading bought a shitload of these a while back for under a $100 I believe. Not sure where he picked these up. I'm sure if you checked in with him, he'd tell ya.

  7. Running an LCD in the DVI ( digital mode ) really isn't necessary for great graphics . . . The analog connection works AWESOME!

    Besides, most flat panel LCD companies don't include the digital cable that you need and that costs another $50.00, easy!
  8. I noticed this in the card description

    Maximum digital resolution : 1280x1024 24bpp @ 60Mhz per display

    Does this mean that 1280 x 1024 is max for digital? What does 24 bpp mean exactly? If I wanted higher than 60hz could I turn the bits per pixel down at the sacrafice of number of colors?

    I know it is very important to be able to run CRTs at higher hz or you get flicker. Is this a problem with LCDs or is it acceptable to run them at 60hz?

  9. Never heard of LCDs flickering as an issue - particularly in DVI.
  10. LCDs do not suffer from flicker at 60hrz like CRTs do, so don't worry about the maximum hrz rating.

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