DVI to vga connector cable

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by janko, Feb 7, 2002.

  1. janko


    do you guys know where i might be able to buy a cable that will plug into dvi output on my ati radeon card and go to vga, i dont have digital flat panel and need to use dual displays. any idea where i might be able to find a cable like that? thnx fellas
  2. You can also use an adapter plug like a Belkin # F2E4162 for about $15. I got mine online from www.c-source.com, but you could check pricewatch.com for several sources.
  3. gwb-trading


    Your monitor is analog and your video card is DVI digital
    (as opposed to DVI-I which is both digital & analog).
    You may need some sort of electrical adapter rather
    than just a cable if a format change from digital
    to analog is required..... check the specs for your
    card & monitor.

    - Greg
  4. janko


    greg, how do i know, i got the ati radeon ve card it has standard vga connector and a dvi conector, i'm assuming that you should be able to use the dvi conector for second monitor even if its avga crt monitor, i just need the correct plug addapter. or is there more to it than that? i really didnt get much documentation with the card, but it should be able to run two vga monitors. one of them being a flat panel but still analog not digital.
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    I have the ATI Radeon VE card, and since I got it boxed it came with a simple adapter that's DVI on one side, standard VGA on the other side. I've been running two CRT's off the card for quite some time. I understand that you can buy that adapter straight from ATI, if I'm not mistaken for about $10, so I'd carefully check their website or give them a call.
  6. kowboy



    Just ordered two adapter connectors yesterday, dvii to avg from ati, at $5.00 each plus $10.00 shipping.

    Had to place a phone order as the online store would not allow for a quantitity two.

    Phone number 905-882-2600

    Figure on a very long wait and expensive phone call to place your order.
  7. janko


    yeah thnx guys, i ordered one last nite, 16 bucks shipped to my door, so i hope it works, its male dvi and female vga. so it ought to be right on.