DVD stuck inside my Toshiba laptop

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by hughb, Aug 11, 2012.

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    I put the DVD in the drive, pushed in the drive, and teh DVD did not play. The disc drive ejects fine, but the DVD is left behind. When searching google for a possible answer, I can't find anyone having this problem, they all have the problem of the drive being stuck. My drive is fine, but now I have a DVD inside of my laptop. BTW, when I put another disc in, it plays fine. Anybody have a solution short of disassembling the thing? I'm not sure i want to do that.
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    Might try posting this in the Hardware forum.
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    Get another copy of the DVD and just forget about the stuck one?
  4. I try and stay away from laptops as much as possible however your CD/DVD drive should just come out - either the whole drive ejects from the notebook (so you could add something like a floppy or extra battery in it's place) or you should be able to open up the tray and see the CD/DVD you want to pull out.

    What model Toshiba is it?
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    There is a DVD drive screw that holds the drive in the laptop. You then will be able to take it out without taking apart the entire laptop.