DVD sales declining.

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  1. 1) A 600k McMansion?......do you live in Arkansas or West Virginia?
    2) Free movie rentals at public libraries are skyrocketing.
    3) When that movie with the "blue people" goes on sale, the trend should be reversed, temporarily. :cool:
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    :D :D :D

    i'm about 1 mile away from this one-

    that's what i would call a mcmansion
  3. Nice! What state is that?
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  5. This is a McMansion, those 600K homes only worth 80K today post bubble, cheap construction,zero lot,cheap materials.

  6. I'm working on an old house and I'm begining to wonder if the mandated 2 x 6 construction is because the new 2 x 4's aren't worth a shit or 2 x 6 construction is a gift to Owens Corning.

    This house had so much water damge but was made of "wood" and held up very well, cripes now if I spill my coffee on the osb floor I better wipe it up before it deflakes and warps. Progress???
  7. I am glad I have 2 x 6, live in Colorado. More insulation factor. Fiberglass insulation is inferior. Cost per square foot blown cellulose is much better but has settlement factor. There is a company in Southern CO, where my Mom has a vacation home, they do 2 x 12 construction, double wall. So warm and almost soundproof.

    Back to the topic. Two words. Bit Torrent. It's wiping out DVD rental, sales the whole thing. I still use BB and Netflix because it's cheap.
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    Its not just the DVD sales that are going down, the demand for just about everything is drying up. Who needs the DVDs when just about everything is available online and cable. Someone mentioned to me while in High school that his family never goes to the movies, since these so called new movies are on TV in a matter of months to a few years. I was wowed by that, and then I saw that people spend a small fortune going to the movies without considering the long term ramifications of their useless expenses at movies and such. Seems like things have caught up.

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    Who still buys DVDs????

    DVDs will not exist in 3 years and blue Ray is just another waste of money, those as well will be gone in a few years. There is absolutely no need for DVDs when everyone now has a set top box in their house and computers to grab any movie they want anytime.

    Blockbuster will be shutting down all stores very soon, there is no need today for those worthless stores.
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