dvd/cd not reading disks

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by vjay, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. vjay


    I've tried to get an answer at different places but none have worked' The problem was my cd player wouldn't read disks but was recognized as ok by the system. I replaced it with a new dvd player and a new ide cable. Same result-the hardware is installed and recognized as working but disk are not being read. The light blinks quite a while as if trying to read the disk but never does. Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. A little more info will help people to help you.

    New build?
    New system?
    New drive?
    10 year old system where you just decided to buy a blu-ray?
    Non-working drive replaced by manuf with same model or are you trying a different brand/ model?

    What's the system brand, OS, etc.?
  3. "The light blinks quite a while as if trying to read the disk but never does"

    the light flashes a troubleshooting code, universal to all. go into your manual or online.
  4. Bob111


    did you properly set jumper settings? master\slave thing
    is it only device that goes directly to MB or you using same cable for hard drive?
    you have problem wit hboth cd and dvd or it only cd's? which ones? CDR or CDRW? there is plenty of variables to play with. you have to be more specific.

    also-how old the cd ?

  5. vjay


    Thnaks for the help,gentlemen. My hardware checks out,so when I have time to work on this, I'll check into other areas.Evidently, this problem is not rare. I've even read of a similar problem being caused by a root virus.Right now understanding that is a little above my pay grade. When I solve this,I'll post my answer so it may help someone else. Thanks again-all