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    TECHING Engine Series: Model Four-Cylinder Car Engine Kit (Model: DM13-1)

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    Dude! That thing is like almost $600! This one here is less than twenty bucks...

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    Thursday / December 30, 2021 / 8:40 AM PST

    I used to rely on the 45-minute baseline as the core of actionable intraday price action, but it's not even on my charts anymore. It was wrong (too slow). I now regard the (yellow) 34-minute baseline as the core of actionable intraday price action.

    The (orchid) 8½-minute baseline gives me the immediate direction of price, but experiences far too much fluctuation to be reliable and must therefore be confirmed or validated by the (black) 15- to 17-minute measure.

    In messing around with my one-hour charts yesterday, I saw what struck me as a sweet-looking (powder blue upper band and pinkish lower band) price range envelope. So, I calculated its value and the measure turned out to be 70 minutes. Consequently, this is what I am now using on my charts instead of the 60-minute price range envelope. But, in addition to the channel at 0.10% deviation, I needed to add additional outer (dotted) bands at 0.20% deviation to help define more extreme conditions.

    The magenta and yellow-green moving averages track the 1¾- and 3½-hour trends respectively, but during the last couple of weeks, the hesitancy of virtually any foreign currency pair to pick one direction and stick with it has greatly reduced their usefulness, though the 3½ -hour price range envelope at 0.32% deviation does continue to suggest where the probability of price executing regression toward the mean (mean reversion) begins to increase more and more strongly.

    The last three, as yet unidentified (light dotted) lines belong to the eight-hour measures (baseline and price range envelope).

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    So, let me just use the average (i.e., the 16-minute measure).
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    New Year's Eve / Friday / December 31, 2021 / 12:07 PM PST

    No need to adjust/modify anything. All measures have been confirmed and validated!

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    Any entertaining Christians on YouTube?

    Others I might want to check out...
    Mike Winger
    Cliffe Knechtle
    Frank Turek
    Alisa Childers
    Daniel Maritz
    Allen Parr
    Joe Kirby
    Rusland KD
    Jerren Lewis
    Nelson Martinez
    Eric Wooten
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