Dutch Treat: Pay Per Km Tax Approved In The Netherlands

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Banjo, Nov 16, 2009.

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  2. Where?
  3. i bet they dont want to live coz they get a bunch of other free shit.

    free housing

    free education

    indefinite unemployment benefits

    free free free
  4. cstfx


    They are probably getting ready for the shift over the next decade from gasoline-fueled vehicles to alternative energy vehicles. If you have more of these electric, hydrogen fuel cell, and hybrid cars on the road, you got less revenue from the tax on gasoline, so they are getting it on the books NOW so it will be there when needed. Remember, once a tax is on the books, it can (more like will) be chabged higher as the need for revenue increases.

    Actually, if you think about it, they are just getting ahead of the curve.
  5. Ricter


    So... driving a Twingo 100 kms (what is that, just about all the way across the country?) will cost $1.40 in tax?
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    Better fat finger mistake here than while trading.

  7. jem


    Man next thing you know they will be taxing wages, food, sex and marijuana.
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    "free" you mean?
  9. Petrol prices are set to soar past 110p a litre - £5 a gallon - in the run-up to Christmas.

    It will be the highest since September 2008 and a rise of 26 per cent since the start of this year.

    Motorists will suffer further misery in the New Year when the Government imposes a planned 2.5 per cent increase in VAT.

    Experts blame the continuing rise in forecourt prices on speculators, who are stockpiling massive amounts of oil.:eek: :confused: :eek: