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  1. Ouitside RTH,anyone considers such movements as the 'tells',that the price is about to spike?I`ve seen this time and again,the dust before the whirlpool.
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  2. Step 1: Code it

    Step 2: Apply the Scientific Method to the pattern to see if there is any statistical significance
  3. Cmon the mission is impossible 5:the dust..how to spot the dust,i mean forsee the dust?it`s a rare occasion.
  4. hindsight is a bitch. :) did you have money on it?
  5. I need €10M to retire,and I'm gonna make it by 2020.But I need the dust spotter.
  6. Warning!The Dust alert again.It signaling a big drop down today,tio me.You may have another opinion,though.
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  7. You should probably call it the Toast alert because your signals are toast
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    A move is a move. If it's too choppy on small time-frames, scale up in time until you see it as part of a bigger picture.
  9. Just some food for thoughts.Treat it as you wish and at your own discretion.
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    Adding my 2 cents, "flat" pullbacks tend to happen in strong up trends indeed. While pullbacks in the declines tend to be more vertical.
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