during the day "Run to the bank to wire funds into your account" you ever do?

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  1. during the day "Run to the bank to wire funds into your account" you ever do?...has anyone ever done this?...meaning, your account takes a hit $$ and you need to get some fresh funds in...for either a margin call or so you can trade tomorrow morning...or even later that afternoon?...anyone ever do this? I have done it to wire fresh funds in during the day but I never yet had a margin call...thankfully...
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    another classic thread

    i am glad you started this one, honestly.

    being dead serious
  3. thanks...very interested to see...have you done this?
  4. i usually send funds by wire because the broker credits my account immediately. ACH transfers require 3-4 days; there's an opportunity cost to tying up that money for nearly a week.

    the only time i do ACH transfers is when i deposit less than $25k. the wire fee is not worth it in that case.

    you could also send a cashier's check by fedex same-day, but it will cost way more than a wire. so wires are the best option for immediate deposit.
  5. I am seriously serious about the seriousness of this thread.


  6. yes, wires are best!
  7. You mean 'The Wire'...what a great show that was!

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  9. You cannot be serious??


  10. been there, done that....not in about 5 years, tho.
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