Duref Mudgins Unterviews ET Deluminaries

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  1. The Romans plagiarized Hippocrates and transditterated: "Ars longa. Vita brevis." The apposite is true on ET. Trash endures. Handles vanish.

    There was once on these pages a great pileosopher, Arthur Deco by alias, who interviewed then pervament ET imposters. They were cogent. They were compensible. They are no more. Who dismembers Anekdoten? Rcanfiel? Razor? Kyrie eleison.

    Coming soon to these phages we reserect the fine art of the unterview.
  2. Rcanfiel = TraderZones

    Now selling 'winning systems' in the 'classifieds' Forum.

    - Spydertrader
  3. Thanks. I don't get around much any more. You know, the oxygen bottle. The scooter. Can't get over two rooms away from a toilet.

    YOU most ingraciously declined to be interviewed, YOU who profess such generosity toward ET, so YOU (and ALL of YOU, ET) will get what you deserve.
  4. Today it is my extinct pleasure to resume interviews with prominent ET posters. You may recall from the last round that the most revered posters generally declined to be interviewed. They certainly earned my respect by spurning my overtures. So I set my sights lower then and interviewed more controversial members. With interesting results I thought. The readership and PMs were positive.

    Ratcheting my standards lower, I endeavor this time to interview even more controversial posters. Posters whose opinions clearly are fervently felt. And expressed colorfully. And whose participation is not always widely appreciated. I want to know why they bother in the face of so much adverse response.

    So it is my pleasure to start with ShapeShifter, if he hasn't already thought better of this, haha! Enjoy!
  5. I'm here but I was promised whores and cake

    There had better be cake
  6. We have whores here a plenty, but the cake will have to be virtual.

    I beg the indulgence of all, this introduction must necessarily be brief, as we will shortly have to prepare for the US open. Shapeshifter, I will call you SS (no offense, it's just for brevity), you have expressed strong opinions about a certain poster here (let us be kind and name no names). Could you explain to us in general terms what your standards are for honesty and integrity, for that is what I perceive to be at the core of your complaints.
  7. In short I have none, said individual tried to recruit me by PM and when spurned turned nasty, this caught my attention and fired my natural instinct for combat
  8. I had the great honor to speak to Baron himself last year, he took time out from his busy schedule to call me in Australia and query my attacks on said individual and also another like minded organisation we will call pureslick

    It was a spirited half hour debate that led to my now dubious honor of being the most deleted and banned ET member in all it's glorious history
  9. I am highly offended that despite my prominence and evident trading prowess no one tried to recruit me. What did you show on ET that made you look like a prospect?
  10. Said individual mistook me for someone else so I can't answer what he thought he saw, but when he realized it was me he got quite shirty and asked me to perform a physically impossible act of callistenics

    I had previously authored the SPM thread which he invaded as soon as it had attained a certain level of popularity.. I can only assume he saw it as a fresh hunting ground for his own ideology
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