Duref Mudgins Invites Jack Hershey to Reminisce

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Duref Mudgins, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. Socrates had his Plato. Odysseus had his Homer. Johnson had his Boswell. Now Hershey has his own biographer (hey, I'm the best he can hope for). So, Jack, you and I are the two oldest guys on ET. We have similar educational backgrounds. We were both in federal service. We're both published authors. We both pretend to trade. Whaddaya say? You are ET's protege (in the French sense of "protected"), so I am sure moderation will delete the flames and help us keep it serious.

    I will be presumptive and ask my first question: Are your accomplishments documented on the web other than in the ERIC and Amazon publications references that are easy to find?

    P.S.: No flaming, please, out of respect for my advanced age.
  2. As you probably know I have declined the biographer route and, moreso, in terms of hits, the autobiographical route.

    While at UCSC, I reached that time when my CV was 42 pages and the US national record of scientific publications, NTIS, once numbered six of my papers consecutively. At that time, as an administator of two of five of the divisions of UCSC (the largest academic consortium in the World), I no longer used a CV but followed the traditions that were expected.

    Our careers have been very different from what you say your career has been.

    Who you think I am and how I perform in trading is unknown to you and you were given an opportunity to find out how I trade first hand by a skilled person.

    The internet does not afford searches, apparently, or those who search have not succeeded with respect to my record. I feel this situation is a consequence of the mismatch of the rather short life of the internet and the duration of my active life.

    People like you who continually disparage me are never going to do any searches or research to determine anything about me or who I am or my accomplishments. At one time I felt that the context of my recommendations was important just as it had been during the years I worked to solve problems. I learned that what I felt was helpful was just fodder for people like you; it will always be it turns out.

    I'm not ET's protege as you proffer me to be. ET is not a forum for me to discuss my life or what is important to me any more. Certainly you will continue to use me, as many others do, as a foil to your ends. I do not, nor have I ever, want anything I have done to help others made light of or the butt of a presumed joke.

    You don't "get it" in my opinion. You initiate thread after thread to play games in ET and take up space. This is part of what makes ET a watering hole after hours for some and an RTH's escape for others. I had one alias that was deleted with a day's notice in order to follow the rules. you on the other hand talk to yourself all day long and every day. I do not want to be associated with you but by the way it works I am linked to you.

    I post in threads I choose and I know I cannot post in the threads most important to me. When I post in support of a thread it is a consequnce of experience, knowledge and skills. I expect two results: people can consider what I suggest and people can, intelligently rebutt my contentions.

    What you are suggesting here is that I become a foil to your many aliases and the butt, yet once again, of your profferings. If you want to engage with me then do it in threads where I am posting substantive content in the support of the interests of those who are making inquries.

    Your contention that we have similar backgrounds is belied by the way you have behaved for years towards me. There is nothing similar about us.

    I regard your comments about my health and age as offensive. I have a complete and comprehensive top of the line health and medical support team. while I no longer am active nor pay medical malpractice insurance; I am smart enough to know that disparaging others in any way is inappropriate.

    You might ask yourself just why you posted this in this forum.

    Get it straight, I do not wish to be associated with you and we are very different types of people. You took the low road and I didn't.

    Close this thread and have it deleted from this forum group.
  3. Jack: Two Questions.

    1) How come a smart guy (as u say) can only lose money trading?
    2) Do you realize you are talking to a cartoon character?
  5. Jack, don't confuse me with the people here who are REALLY ugly to you. I merely, albeit in a snotty way, ask hard questions about the futures method which go largely unanswered. As to the dearth of information on your accomplishments on the web, searching any way you can using your proper name reveals only your books (14 total), nothing more professionally. Let's not kid ourselves. People who made lasting contributions, no matter when, ARE documented on the web. And kindly do not be so pious about MY posting. We're both attention whores, I'm just honest about it. But thanks for those additional tidbits about your background, that helps put some stringy flesh on old rangy bones. I am lowly offended that you think I waste bandwidth here. Go read some of YOUR posts the morning after. You missed a great opportunity to have a fair dialogue here. Over the years I have conducted some decent interviews on ET. Your loss.
  6. Bahdabing, I am NOT a cartoon character. I am every bit as old, real, obnoxious, egomaniacal, garrulous, evasive, misdirectional, sanctimonious and full of it as Jack is. But if I were, I would be Langhorn Leghorn.

  8. Yes, the ones who blindly follow some internet guru who claims to avg 3x the daily range without a shread of evidence. SCT has never been witnessed by anyone.

    That, my man, is the defenition of dumb, stupid, and ignorant!

    I also know for a fact that even people that show up to your meetings in AZ have not seen sct. weird.
  9. As you see here not many people have the capability to find much of anything.

    I recommend that you just ease on down the road and be satisfied with the track records of the various people you can find.

    Most of my books were cutting edge and what are called in the record keeping industry as "seeds". They were books that began the institutionalization process of solving specific cultural, and scientific problems.

    here are three so you can have two lists that are the same length:



    The built environment.

    ET has been successful in finding these book(s) that were seeded (by grants). Try finding the three postings where others posted their names and Library of Congress numbers.

    Respectively, you can consult the Ford Foundation.


    and the AIA.

    It looks like some people around here have small weenies. I'm not one of them. I am a heavy hitter and I have done some heavy hitting in a lot of fields.

    Notice that the boks I mention are NOT on the ERIC list, if I am correct.

    This guy with all the aliases is going to keep more than one and he is going to keep screwing up as he has always done. i am not the type who screws up.

    Look up ubuntu while you are at it.
  10. magus


    So many JH threads and so little time.

    Imagine the following situation. A trader schooled in JH method consistently captures not 3X but 1X the daily ES range virtually everyday on a per contract basis for a year. This trader has all the proof and documentation to satisfy the toughest of forensic accountants and ET naysayers. In other words, the trader is the real deal, not a fraud.

    Said trader wants to sell his "system" via the Internet for a fixed, rather then monthly subscription, fee. Trader also admits he doesn't trade JH methods exactly by the JH book (he tweaked it), but will teach what he does to earn the 1X daily ES range.

    What is it worth?
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