Duref Mudgins Explains ET to a Client

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Duref Mudgins, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. Duref Mudgins: Uh, Mr. Reyes? Mr. H.H. Reyes? What brings you to see me today?

    H.H. Reyes: I am experiencing severe depressive symptoms because the people I associate with and try to help don't appreciate me.

    Duref Mudgins: Well then, sir, you should be a shrink! Haha, a jest! Reyes? That's a Hispanic name, but you look Caucasian.

    H.H. Reyes: It's an alias, the name of an old nemesis. I use it to remind myself that I define myself in opposition to him.

    Duref Mudgins: Well then if it's an alias then you are paying cash today, OK?

    H.H. Reyes: No problem.

    Duref Mudgins: Good. So tell me a bit about yourself.

    H.H. Reyes: I'm 75, a retired professional person and author, and my hobby is investing. Oh, and I love to correspond with people on the web, that's why I'm here.

    Duref Mudgins: Go on.

    H.H. Reyes: Everyone I meet on the web treats me unkindly. I try to teach them what I know, but nobody believes what I say. And they say the cruelest most disrespectful things to me.

    Duref Mudgins: Surely you have learned by now that the web is like life, only they say things to your face, not behind your back. A double-edged sword, anonymity is. Have you ever heard the saying, "The meaning of your communication is the response you get."?
  2. The world would be a nice place if it wasn't for people
  3. H.H.: That's from NLP. I always hated that. I mean, I'm only trying to help.

    Duref: How specifically are you trying to help, and what is the web venue?

    H.H.: I give young investors and securities traders advice on a trading website calle EliteTrader.

    Duref: Oh, that cesspool! I can't tell you how many times THAT place has led me astray! I actively manage my retirement assets, and do a little daytrading myself when the day is slow. But you shouldn't take it personally, it's the war of all against all there. People misrepresent their backgrounds, their investment abilities, their finance connections. Liars all IMO. I even like to have a little fun messing with peoples heads there from time to time myself. Do I know you, Mr. Reyes?
  4. Everytime you post I think that exact same thing!

  5. Without Jack and I you'd never think :p
  6. H.H.: I don't think so, I pretty much stay away from the frou-frou forums on ET, especially that psych bullshit. I tell people all they have to do is be positive and know and believe in their hearts that the market offers them limitless opportunity for acquiring wealth if they will only listen to me. But they are stuck in the '60's mentality of edges and systems and backtesting and stops and losses and low expectations. I try to give them a new paradigm, one in which the market gives to the worthy all they need, and more. But first they must be worthy. And most of ET is just snotty little shits with low self-esteem. Brainwashed by the establishment about what to expect and how to trade.

    Duref: And you're SURPRISED that people don't like you?
  7. and a fulfilling Friday to you Duref ....

    A bold and gutsy thread is this one, keep up the excellent work.

  8. Bluebolt, contrary to your belief, ET isn't always about Jack. I'm trying to help someone here who has web communication issues. A central issue for ET, if you ask me.
  9. Why not just take the easy road DM and teach your client to walk on water.

  10. I didn't call down the thunder.. please redirect your request to Jack's troll Swordman
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