Duref and Lucky Write a Trading Romance

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Duref Mudgins, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. You may have wondered why you have not heard more from Duref Mudgins and LuckyGirl of "Duref Mentors Lucky" fame. We took it offline, because we feared the emotional heat would melt ET's server. What an amazing collaboration it has been! Think Paris and Helen! Napoleon and Josephine! Astaire and Rogers! Bill and Hillary!

    In an incandescent flash of algorithmic white heat, we have discovered and coded a score of heretofore unsuspected trading systems. We have decided to document our passion-fueled system development in a romance novel set in this very forum.

    "Two lonely traders of indeterminate gender seek fulfillment in an internet trading chat room! Share their pain of long nights of grueling backtesting! Thrill with them in the sheer terror of forward testing with real money! And rejoice with them as they become filthy rich shorting the stocks of the life savings of widows and orphans down to pennies!"

    Whaddaya think, guys and gals? Would you buy it?
  2. Thanks, L'il A, I depreciate the compliment. But you really do need to get out more. Like I need to drink less.
  3. gucci


    Sign me in.:D