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Discussion in 'Trading' started by iceman1, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. In keeping with the recent utilization of the TRADING forum to discuss all geopolitical and economic events/news that would in any way affect the market ST, i.e. trading, I'm adding this report.

    "demand for U.S.-made durable goods soared 2.5 percent in February

    Seems like this "good" news belies the bear case for the broader markets, and makes me beleive this correction is just that; a correction in a bull market.


  2. TsunTzu


    And we will just discount the -0.3% drop in the 'less transportation' component and the revison of last months core figure from -1.8% to -2.7% hey???
  3. You have to absolutely look at the revisions. This report is perhaps the most voaltile economic report out there.Chances are if you think rationally it should be going one way,and it isnt,then many others are on the same ( wrong ) side as you,exerbating the move. Trade what is happening,not what you think should be happening.
  4. gonna be 72 degrees F in Chicago tomorrow...

    that should make traders happy, and should affect TRADING in the markets.

    So... since this is a TRADING forum and according to some here, all things affect trading... ... just wondering if anyone thinks warmer weather means the markets TRADE higher!? :p :p


  5. Please tell me that you are kidding....
  6. might win the pennant this year... and could go to the Series!

    And there are lots of TRADERS in Chicago.

    Also, the KNICKS have got some apparent good management in Isaiah and are gonna bid for KOBE...........and where is the Big Board located with lots of TRADERS!!!!?


    SOOOO..... since this is a TRADING forum and ALL things affect trading the markets... wonder if anyone else believes that IF the CUBS win the pennant and the KNICKS are looking to make the Finals again...

    ...that the markets would TRADE higher in anticipation of such events... since in the olde days the markets looked ahead 6-9 months.... and TRADED on such perceptions??

    :p :p

  7. TsunTzu


    I am confused now and 'nonsense' I was posting with a cynical tone to my voice, I did look at the revisons and ex transport :cool: