duplicated orders of ts2000i

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by robinxing, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. now I am using ts2000i and hyperorder for autotrading

    but I find sometimes one signal generates more than one order

    in the tracking center of ts2000i you can find the problem

    one signal generates more than one order

    1 monthe ago I tried tradebullet a autotrading software

    which can reject the duplicated orders but it does not work well

    with ts2000i

    so I switch to hyperorder hyperorder can send the orders generated by ts2000i tracking center promptly

    but it can not reject the duplicated orders

    have you encounter such problem

    thank you
  2. i have encountered a similar (if not exact) issue while demo'ing traderAssistant. i did not find a solution. orders were rejected due to "another order is still active" . i concluded it was due to the signal my strategy produced. i noticed the signal in the active orders window, prior to execution. (other strategies, that generated signals slightly different, would work fine).