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  1. I recently reached out to active participant on ET, who offered me programming services thru his partner. The overall result was a disaster, they provided no deliverable and refused to refund the money I paid him. What's more disturbing is that they have my strategy logic and refuse to sign a non disclosure agreement. Bad move on my part. I won't name names, my attorney is already working on this. If anyone is considering entrusting there hard earned work with overly generous ET'ers USE CAUTION!!!!!
  2. ...wait, so you gave them your algo specifications BEFORE you got an NDA signed?

    You paid them upfront?

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    The CIA has technical projects they don't want people to know much about. They break them up into pieces and parcel them out to subcontractors.

    I've worked for consulting companies, usually a contract is set up so that payment occurs at various milestones in the project. At every milestone the customer inspects the work and has the option to pay for work to that point and either continue or quit.
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    et talked about this problem before, break your project into many pieces. have diff guy do diff piece. you put them back together. or having many parms some unneeded, you input parm values yourself.
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    A fool and his money are soon parted.

    A im talking from experience :(
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    Why not name the name? Wouldn't you want to protect someone else in the future?
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    only an idiot would steal the idea of another idiot.
  8. Well, this is the problem. Nobody talks like this to someone in person, I know you wouldn't if were in front of you.
  9. Anyway, I appreciate the feedback from 2 of you so far. Look I have many strategies I paid this snake very little. Even with a NDA, you'll never know if your strategy is being traded by someone else (unless illiquid instruments). It was simply a test.

    1. I hired them get me from one platform to another. They offered
    to do it for free, why, because they were interested in future work
    and possibly a P&L split. Not uncommon, why, because they have no
    stomach for trading.

    2. His programmer buddy (also on ET) was a smart guy for programming
    but he's a failed trader as well. Point is they are small time cyber
    buddies that prey on non programmers.

    3. Simple, they did NOT deliver and came up with excuses as to why. So
    a) I asked for a refund 3 times...they simply logged off IM...
    b) I asked for an NDA 3 times ... they will not respond

    Look, I know there watching this board...Hi guys! The takeaway is that there are people on ET that come bearing gifts and you should be careful. And if you are providing a product or service, be willing to refund if the service is undelivered.. Yes an NDA is necessary upfront, but that will not protect you. however if a client asks you before or even long after, especially if they fail to deliver, it would @ least show your intentions were good.

    I do believe that there are a few ET'ers , @ least thats what they said, that are using some of the services of these 2 fellas. All I can say is be careful.
  10. This fella has it right....

    Truth doesn't have an agenda. It isn't subjective. It either is, or it isn't, and it can either be demonstrated to be true or it can't be. If it is true and it can be demonstrated, then it's true regardless of anyone's opinions or agenda or who has the most money or who has the most power. If it can't be demonstrated, then it remains a mystery and again, it doesn't matter how much money or power anyone has.

    Now you can distort the truth, mislead people, lie, cover up the truth, and the more influence you have, the more people you may be able to mislead... but that doesn't change what the truth is. If you convince everyone in the world that something untrue is true, it is still untrue. You can't change that.

    - swordsbane

    PS..Thanks for the PM's you guys, guess im not alone
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