Dunning-Kruger Episodes

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Albert Cibiades, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. I am an experienced, competent, profitable, long-time futures trader. Don't believe it? Just ask me! Today is June 7th. A Thursday. Should that have rung a bell? Not with all the other things going through my head. Does my favorite porn site update today? What time can I give up on the market and go shooting? Will the cute neighbor lady come out and mow today? Was it just luck that the frozen champagne bottle that I forgot I put in the freezer last night that fell out bounced instead of broke, or have I discovered a new physics sprinciple? Trading is so routine and mechanical I don't have to think, right?

    I short NQ. The execution says 2566. Whoa! The chart says NQ is 2560! Did it drop that fast? Noooo...Did IB give me a gift? Nooooooo....

    Was it Dunning-Kruger? Or was it Alzheimers? I can't seem to remember the difference this morning.
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    When you are an competent profitable trader trading becomes routine and mechanical. When trading becomes so routine and mechanical you become bored. When you are bored you short NQ. When you short NQ it drops fast. When it drops fast you don't remember the difference between Dunning-Kruger and Alzheimer. When you don't remember the difference between Dunning-Kruger and Alzheimer you forget to cover your shot positions. When you forget to to cove you wake up in a hospital. Don't wake up in a hospital, cover it at 2537. Competence, I has it. :D
  3. I was so hungover I assumed it was rollover day and I had missed it. You know, the CME algorithm, "Rollover is always on a Thursday, but when you think it should be the third Thursday it's really on the second Thursday unless it's a full moon, in which case it's the first Thursday." So did eSignal incorrectly roll the continuous contract? I did cover for 3.5 points. Now I am waiting for that frozen bottle of champagne to thaw. Gave up on the market and went to the gun range, but it was closed due to power out, so I might as well drink. Now I see in the rollover thread that today IS rollover day, so it must be full moon. I think I'll open another account so I can short the old contract and cover with the new. I think I remember Jack suggesting that.