Dumping Parallels and Mac for...what exactly?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by tortoise, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. tortoise


    I've been a happy Mac/Parallels user for three years, but their latest version is buggier than summer barbeque. Need to abandon Mac platform immediately for straight Windows, but as I have spent no time thinking about/looking at computers, I have no idea what to get.

    Not building my own; I have enough going on in my life, thanks. Need something off-the-shelf that will really crank. Grateful for any advice. Thanks
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  3. you can check dell outlet for good deals or build your own desktop.
  4. Depends on what your current hardware is. An i3 CPU with 6-8GB of RAM would probably work very well in most any situation - that said an i7 is also a great choice. It always comes down to budget and your requirements.

    The hex-core (6-core) CPUs are a bit overkill unless you have a specific need for them. Many software platforms for trading are still single-threaded so getting something crazy like a hex-core is a waste.

    What is your budget and then what software/platforms are you going to use?
  5. Mr_You


    I'm personally leaning toward a Mac Book Air 11" running VMware Fusion so I can run multiple copies of NinjaTrader at once. Along with, probably, an iPad Mini for the web. Can hook up two displays to Thunderbolt.

    Some of the reasons include: battery backup power, ultra-portable (3lbs total with Mac Book Air and iPad Mini), multiple NinjaTraders running for development. Easy recovery: backups to Time Capsule, easy to swap out hardware at Apple Store, restore software and back up and running in a couple hours.

    Mac OS X will be my "personal" environment, and VMware Fusion Windows installs for "work".

    Mac Book Airs (without display) are pretty cost competitive compared to other ultra-books.

    For production trading environment I'll probably use Remote Desktop to a low latency server.

    So anyways, maybe consider moving to VMware Fusion?

    Otherwise I suggest considering a Lenovo T430 or W530.
  6. shfly


    Or you can just buy one from eBay...I just bought one, 6-core Xeon...The only item missing is warranty, but have 30 days to return this item...My 3rd buy of a Dell Precision from eBay. Never had any issues. (One new Precision from Dell, never had any issues, didn't have to use support). The newer 6-core Xeon are pricier, but you do get 3-years warranty. (If you don't need one right away, keep checking at Dell's Business outlet for one. They offer 3 years warranty).