Dumping into close 11-26?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pumpanddumper, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. Need to see heavy institutional dumping at 3:30-4 again and go to session lows.

    Very good sign for bears that futures flipped 180 from last night.

    New leg down in China tonight and gap down in US tomorrow morning would be icing.

    Need to test 12,799 again, August lows, then Feb. lows by January.

    I might start a rumor of a FED rate hike overnight to boost the dollar.:D
  2. Dell earnings are gonna lift the markets huge, but that isn't until thurs.

    But do keep in mind that the rebounders arent dead. The 3:00 rebound is still a strong possibility.
  3. gobar


    yes dollar will hit all time high after fed cuts rate to 1 bps.....:D :D
  4. If we can close under 12,799 that would be huge.
  5. GO GO GO. Half hour to hammer this down to 12,799!
  6. xiaodre


    and the short covering rally seals a close above 800!

    (unless I am wrong and have to eat my words)
  7. HA !!!

    very very nice !!!
  8. where are the "smarties"? They must still be on Thanksgiving break. Too funny.
  9. #$%@

    still bullish, but this is absurd
  10. faure


    Another outside reversal bar today - same as we had on Aug 10th. Things are looking bad.
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