Dumped and Shorted Apple...its done!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by blowingup2012, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Just dumped and shorted.

  2. ... your user account
  3. blowing up.....didn't you call for major market collapse when Dow was at 12,000?

    why not just buy AAPL before earnings.......soo easy!!!!

    when will you learn?

    maybe after your SIM account is banned for worst-of-the-worst

    when you enter a SIM trade, do you get the message:

    "n00b, are you serious? Really? Are you really this dumb?"
  4. You're going to need that back up plan of an Ivy league education you are always touting and wish you had.
  5. Watch how its done. I do not expect Apple to be this high again for quite a while if at all.
  6. Can someone please muzzle this idiot retaildaytrader/blowingup2012?
  7. Now you guys are going back to delusions saying Im nodoji, emg, retaildaytrader, chaosclarity...dude, can you please tell me who I am?
  8. Well considering you and retaildaytrader use that same moronic, ambiguously gay cartoon superhero... I'll leave it to others to fill in the dots.

    It's also telling that you never manage to actually put a price on your horrific entries.

    Don't you have some kiddie porn to keep you busy?
  9. Rob227


    I had to laugh after reading that. Strangely coincedental isn't it.

    Besides isn't he already getting rich buying gold?
  10. I'll admit that sometimes I throw something in my posts from past users to fuel your delusions for my personal amusement. I copied a few stuff from EMG and NODOJI....some other stuff from God knows where. Had you guys going for a while which leads me to my next point...why dont you guys just focus on trading then this message board where its full of people like me trying to fuel your delusions? I dont even think some of you guys actually trade. It seems you are focused on this board more then anything else.

    Its kind of funny. You remember past posts in such great detail and from random odd users. Why dont you use that ability to remember past price history and patterns? Maybe you might turn a buck trading if you did.
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