Dump into close 11-7?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pumpanddumper, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. What's the call?

    13,500 broken and 1500 broken.

    So rip through 13,400 and 1490 in final hour and institutions rip this market a new asshole.

    Some asshole gonna say rumor of another cut and take this to 13,500 and 1500?
  2. Doubt thats gonna happen

    smart money on the short side is gonna cover en mass b4 close due to CSCO earnings.

    No one wants to be short when CSCO blows estimates. No one.
  3. CSCO ??? CSCO so yr 2000 ...

    sell em
  4. it's that kind of logic that affirms my bullishness
  5. CSCO earnings bring to mind an oldie but a good from Allen Iverson. CSCO (practice) were talking about CSCO (practice), who cares about CSCO? Well I guess 1 guy here does, but i'm assumung a vast majority of real traders here could give a rats ass about CSCO.What i'm looking forward to are retailers and then the brokers next month. That should be very interesting.In the meantime, I guess i'll get my CNBC hat from '99 and await the mighty CSCO earnings!
  6. gobar


    i was long @ 2.30 but u where wrong...

  7. It is all in your own words my man, "Long" is "wrong"
  8. Cover at the close and go long into tomorrow.

    Picking up DDM on the panic.

    Perfect if we close at session lows.
  9. Yea I was wrong. The eggists, eggberts and dogberts drove the market lower all day. The 2:30 bounce failed.

    CSCO earnings though should be good though, and I'm not worried about the longer term picture.
  10. 30 mins into the close and my short book is going insane
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