Dumbing down the trading process (funny)

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  1. someone sent me this


    Its a forex trading platform, you wont believe this!

    they try to sell their stuff with lines like ''you dont need that charts mumbo jumbo and complicated indicators - finally trading that makes sense!''


    instead they display ''trades'' like mini casino games. for exemples, if you place a USD/JPY ''Trade'', you will see the trade as a foot race between a guy with a gun and a cowboy hat VS a fat sumo wrestler.

    look at that link and and youll laugh your a$$ off
  2. lol this is the funniest site i've seen in a while.. great sell!
  3. :D :D :D
  4. :D

    thanks for the link!
    that sumo wrestler is great, I can't think of a funnier way to visualize forex.
  5. Jama_cloy


    Man this is one of the funniest things I've seen , it simplifies is so that even a guy that has never seen a Euro can have an idea of what's trading
  6. WHAT!!! Is that the actual trading platform??

    Surely that's just an intro or something?
  7. Shraga18


    absolutely hilarious. Did anyone here actually download and try this?
  8. Surprisnigly enough it is, they let you open a trading account with your credit card.
    I've already gained 200% on the 50$ I placed there
  9. yeah, im trying it. funny stuff, i like it!

  10. euclid


    Let us know how you get on. There is no evidence of legitimacy on their website, so I'm not going to run their software or give them money just yet.
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