Dumbest remark for 2002

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bungrider, Dec 29, 2002.

  1. BCE


    Maybe not THE dumbest, but in the ranking due to her influence and lemming following:
    Abbey Joseph Cohen's prediction of Dow 11,300 by years end which she then dropped to Dow 10,800. Although in all fairness she does have two more trading days.:D
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  2. cheeks


    I second the nomination!

    Splendid choice BCE! I did not even think to include Flabby Abby.

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  3. GD2KNO


    In spite of all the "evidence" I think you need to wait 12 months before you can call this wrong!
    I expect a big drop, but I have been wrong before!

    Lei's meet in 12 months on this thread and then we will "know".

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  4. If the S&P even touches 1200 before the end of 2003, I'll have my nuts surgically removed and than roasted and I'll eat them live on an internet web-cam broadcast.
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  5. why not deep-fry them while still attached, then they'll be easier to slice off.
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  6. OK, this is a bit early, but this will be my nomination for the dumbest remark of 2003.
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  7. taodr



    That was from the federal Reserve.
    Well this is still early , I think this is the biggest problem on the horizon. The only way they are going to fight deflation is with inflation , then we'll here a very large BANG.
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  8. This is from 2001, but I'l count it since it has not been retracted, and sums up the general investment advice out there that helped people lose ANOTHER 17% this year

    "Just Relax" from Charles Schwab, March 2001

    If there ever were a time for investors to WAKE THE HECK UP, it was then. Up till then some could claim they really didnt know better, but after that everyone had a fair warning.

    Shame on scumbag retail brokers and financial media for pleading with investors to ignore the writing on the wall, and lose more money they cant afford.
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  9. LOL :D

    p2, that dialog could double as the soundtrack to a bad porno flick!!

    Actually, it reminds me of the worst trading experience I ever had. It was back in '97 and the stock was Rational Software (RATL). I was holding a long position and the stock was unexpectedly halted with bad news pending. The next morning, when the stock reopened, I instantly lost 12% of my account equity...and I counted myself lucky!! It could have been much worse. I can't say I threw any computer components out the window, but I came close.:D
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  10. Babak



    To Hardwick Simmons, chief executive of the Nasdaq stock market, on which the main index has fallen 31 percent this year. Throughout 2002, he kept asking what all the scandal talk was about. Simmons, who is against accounting for stock options as an employee cost, told a reporter at The Globe and Mail of Toronto that chief executives had recently grown too preoccupied with director independence. "All the academic literature I've ever seen - and I mean there is none on the other side - shows there is absolutely no correlation between the independence of one's board and the performance of one's company," he was quoted as saying. "In fact it works exactly the opposite."
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