dumb question about margin and shorting

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  1. If I have 4:1 margin, and a 25,000 account, I can buy 4000 shares of a 25 dollar stock -- my question is, with the same account and margin rules, how many shares can I short the stock, given that the broker has enough shortable shares available.
  2. also 4000 shares if i'm not mistaken
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    You can short as much as you can buy.
    You have to be careful because you may lose your
    4:1 margin if the stock goes against you and you
    have less than 25k.
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    The margin maintenance requirements may be higher for short positions, so consider that if you hold any positions overnight. At IB, you get 4-1 intraday, but 3-1 for overnights, same for longs and shorts.
  5. lescor -

    Do you get 3-1 on overnights on the day you initiate the overnight position or do they drop the initial overnight margin to 2-1 (and then move to 3-1 for maintenance margin on subsequent nights)?

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    I believe it stays at 3-1. As far as I know, there is no more 2-1 for anything. I don't hold much overnight, so I haven't looked into it too much.
  7. I would not suggest you short 4000 shares of a $25 stock unless you are very experienced.
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    There are no stupid (dumb) questions?

    Only stupid answers.......

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    CandleTrader: "I would not suggest you short 4000 shares of a $25 stock unless you are very experienced."

    Would 3500 be ok?


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  10. It was only an example to ask how margin works for shorting, it wasn't something I was actually planning to do.
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