Dumb question about internet speed, as well as Shaw Nitro

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by nic05, Sep 4, 2008.

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    My office is replacing the business cable line with a dedicated service line due to speed issues. I typically get about 6000-8000 kb/s down and 400-600 kb/s up there, but that doesnt seem to be enough and orders seem to go in very slow/slow quotes etc. I know it is the internet and not just the software, as I have been trading on my own business line at home and never have the same issues. I am out east, whereas the office is in BC. I generally get 13000 kb/s down and 1400 up here. What I am wondering is how a dedicated service line can be faster if it is only 1.5 mbps upstream and downstream ? Isn't that only 1500 kb/s down?

    Also, has anyone used Shaw Nitro? It is supposed to be 25000 down and 1000 up, and I was wondering how that would compare to the speeds I am currently getting on my own line out East? I know it is a lot faster down, but I was curious as to whether the 500 less on the upstream would be noticeable?
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    It depends upon where the bottleneck is.

    If your orders are getting filled slow, that would imply the upload is the bottleneck.

    Keep in mind that if you are going from 400-600kbps up 1500mbps (1.5mb), you are getting 2.5-3.25 times the upload with the new line.
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    Thanks for the quick reply Kinar ...that makes sense about the upload, but wouldn't the download then suffer? Could I be noticing such a major diffence in speed here simply because I am out East?
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    more important than raw download/upload speed is latency, imo.

    400kbit/sec is a lot of orders per second, so i doubt that this is the problem you're having.

    Dedicated lines, such as T1s, often run with significantly latency than a cable modem or DSL.

    DNS servers is another slow point for most. Make sure you understand what DNS response times they have. DNS can be worked around to some extent, since you most likely contact the same IP addresses (ie your broker and quote provider), but most software look a lot of things up behind the scenes.