dumb noob question: difference between SPY and ES prices?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by IronFist, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. The low this morning on the ES was 998. I assumed that would correlate to $99.8 on the SPY but the low on the SPY this morning according to yahoo finance was $100.26.

    I thought they tracked each other more or less exactly?
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    You get your quotes/data from yahoo?
  3. I don't daytrade stocks, so yes.

    Are you saying that data is wrong? stockcharts.com has the same numbers.
  4. I guess the question he was trying to get to is: If you are trading, you must have a broker, that broker should be able to provide quotes either via web or via some platform. So why would you use Yahoo for quotes?
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    100.26 and 998 are what I show for RTH LOD's.
  6. 100.26 is the correct low for the spys
  7. Well i guess since everone is curious...

    scottrade is my broker for stocks. when i need a quick quote or to check LOD or something, i pull up yahoo finance because its faster than logging into scottrade, and then trying to find a quote in there.

    now, back to my question: why arent SPY and ES more synced up?
  8. so my yahoo quote was right even tho everyone was all up on my ass for using yahoo quotes. lol. i love ET :D
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    with FV being about '-2' that sounds right
  10. They do. You also have to take into account the "cost of carry" of one instrument with respect to the other. Futures are "cheaper" because of the extremely low short-term interest rates compared to the dividend rate of the stocks in the portfolio. :cool:
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