Dumb money just entered the market long

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pumpanddumper, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. at 12,700.....and 1382

    Time to nibble on the fade.
  2. I agree, just took profits on the long side. :D
  3. The dumb money is beating me. I may have to eat it on this trade. I'm giving the fade a little more time.

    1PM will be the tell.
  4. looks to be you(dumbass).
  5. ammo


    u may have to go with mup's # in technical forum, ewj, 1387.5
  6. Hope you kept that position
  7. I just covered at practically break even. That was a $900 negative trade for awhile on that pop to 12,730. Bad timing on that one.

    Gonna let this day play out, maybe re-enter higher up.
  8. I just closed it. I juiced the trade up too much.

    Another pop up and I re-enter.
  9. Damn it, should of held it. My target cover was 12,675. F me.
  10. You have to be kicking yourself. :(
    #10     Apr 7, 2008