Dumb money is buying

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    Need only look at the endless "100% up market to go free money" threads to figure that one out... how these morons survived the comet impact 65 million years ago is beyond me

  2. oh please.. and all the dumb money was selling the entire few weeks following the feb 27 07 selloff - calling for an 87 crash every day. guess where that dumb money was? All over ET.

  3. There were no humans on earth 65 million years ago. We a.k.a. Homo Sapiens showed up couple of million years ago. :D :D :D
  4. Since the low in '03, the ratio of insider selling/insider buying has been virtually astronomical.

    Those supposedly "in the know" have been about as wrong as they could possibly be.
  5. the end s near, the end is near. Another thread calling the top.
  6. "sapiens"?

    Try well less than 100,000 years ago.
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    Thank you professor.. but I doubt a joke is required to be historically accurate... much like your trading no doubt
  8. "It's more fun to be thought of as interesting rather than accurate"... anon
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