Dumb liberal/progressive - here is why you may face the "squad"...

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  1. Dumb liberal/progressive - here is why you may face "the squad"!!!! If you have a brain,then answer what is the difference between these "articles?"



    This is just one example! Do you see the difference? In the first case - absolutely no discussion is allowd...but, in the second link...oh, yeah, discussion is allowed.

    In the first case the "far right" Jobbik party is derided/discussed, but in the second link the economics of China placing curbs on growth are discussed?!?! To the "rest" of the world it may look like the "far right" is the problem in the first link...without ever discussing that fascism is the close twin of communism!!! What is the difference? One is private ownership of resources with gov't control of said resources, while the other is gov't ownership of resources with gov't control of said resources. You can debate the ownership of the resources, BUT NOT THE CONTROL OF RESOURCES!!!

    That my DUMB LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE ENEMY is why the left will/should face "the squad!!!" Elitist dumb fucks think they can control the debate by controlling the media. It is FAR TO LATE for elitist control!!! This is but one example of the elitists' idea that they control the media - their apparent ownership of the Telegraph in the UK.!


    My take on the first link: "Oh, fascists should be derided - they should NEVER be allowed to exist - no discussion allowed!" Only promote communists for the present capitalist countries!

    My take on the second link: " Oh, you can debate how the "smarter folk - aka Communist party" doles out "rights" and "credits," but it is still up to the communists to control the resources!
  2. Yeah, Bush really left us with a mess.

    700 billion down the drain. You know what we could have done with that?!
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    Ironically they could have provided decent nationalized healthcare and education with that kind of money.
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    Lots of things, evolution included, would not be taken as true were the venue for debate not controlled by intellectuals funded with public monies. Lots of Marxist stuff would be rejected entirely like "class warfare is good" were there open debate among people with intellect but the venue is controlled by the very Left oriented publicly funded universities and media...

    Some things on the left are good but by they time they get done with their atheistic class warfare and gender warfare and race warfare and all that shit they do, it's all destroyed.. ask hemophiliacs how they felt about gays in the 1970's.. oh wait, they all died from AIDS from tainted blood, never mind.... ask Black Americans how it was to have a family back in the day.. oh never mind, family was destroyed so long ago it's nearly forgotten... ask anybody about a Rev. Jessee Jackemup sermon... forget that, on Easter Sunday I heard his radio show and it wasn't about Jesus, it was about Martin Luther King!! Class and Race Warfare from the pulpit, who'da thought?

    They were going to help Black Americans but the end result was that they are herded into inner city reservations with few private sector jobs open to them. The lawyer industry has sued the private sector employers on race issues and made the risk associated with hiring a black worker so bad that nobody will do it....

    They are helping all of us with the healthcare, right? Given the track record, I'd seriously doubt that they are trying to help anybody with anything except themselves.. the Left is ruthless in acquiring power and weak in the face of evil. The thinking of their elitist leadership is "Oh, let's share all your money and give me some too". The unfunded mandate thingy is staring us right in the face with no way around it and the Left is waiting to see if they can use it to grab more power... so destroying the culture to get control of it is what they do... I say burn 'em at the polls next election cycle, we can slow it all down if nothing else... and trade well or die is my new motto too... as the middle class shrinks and dies it's either upper or lower class baby..