dumb crackers

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  1. there are so many examples.
    the most recent one is as follow:
    the editor of a north carolina newspaper reprinted the cartoon that defamed mohammed. that dude is another deadman walking.
  2. this results in the mauling down of unc students by an arab student who basically broke down.
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  6. pat tillman is another example.
    this gunslinger was brought down by another us soldier. huh the irony. see what happen when ya play football. ya head become jellolike.
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    You button pusher you.
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    Great cartoon, Spyder! Says it all.

    Thought for the day:

    "Never trust a man who has no sense of humor."
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    Funny, that cartoon is a perfect depiction of us Americans too. Cannot take the least criticism, not the least.
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    "Dumb crackers"?

    This individual is allowed to express himself with the use of racial slurs again and again. Many of us spend a lot of time here. This continues to be highly offensive to me, and I'm quite sure to many other members.

    Why is he allowed to continue to post on EliteTrader?
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