Dumb Canucks get 1 billion dollars in debt for the olympics.

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  1. http://www.cnbc.com/id/35581780/

    So the Canucks go and rush to get in debt for 1 billion dollars so a bunch of private companies can make a shit load of money.

    Another great example of Lemon Socialism.
  2. -1 for linking to cnbc.

    Those criminals, lowlifes, frauds and dumb cunts should be avoided at all costs.
    Boycott cnbc. Because cramer is a crook and denis kneale is a shit for brains cunt and for a thousand other reasons.
  3. An amazingly one sided story. How much is the longterm promotional worth to Vancouver, now and in the future?

    How many jobs did it create? How much money was added to the city in the buildup and the event and afterwards? How about future value from the new structures? Tourism?

    If you ignore the benefits and focus on the cost, everything looks like a bad decision...
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    well one thing we know, the $100M spent on own the podium had no ROI
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    Stupid fucks, I hope the countries really do go bankrupt so we can see an end to government bailing out those scumbags.
  6. I mean no one wants to talk about it....But isnt the start of the cause of the problems with Greece was the massive debt they incurred to host the Olympics?
  7. +1

    The olympics is an investment. If I spend $1 billion and make back $2 billion, was it worth it?

    I'm willing to bet that many people in the world had no fucking idea where Vancouver was or what it was about before these olympics. Now they know.
  8. By the way, dumb Americans wanted olympic debt so bad that they sent their president half way across the world to lobby for it........ and were spit at by the IOC.
  9. Leading in gold medals = owning the podium. Any jerk-off can get a bronze.
  10. This is true, the rest of the world does not care about medal count, just the US. The rest of the world only cares about Golds. As of right now

    Germany 8
    USA 8
    Canada 8
    Norway 7
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