Dumb and Dumber

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  2. Privatize education and the cost issues go away.
  3. Will teacher's unions/lobby sit still for that?
  4. Privatize everything and limit Government.

    Then the backbone of wealth will rebuild the nation and education will excel.
  5. I don't think they're going to have a choice.
  6. In NY they raised the cap on number of charter schools, I think teachers lobby eliminated or limited for profit charter schools.
  7. Imo, a basic flaw developing here is the lack of structure in a kids life. How will they ever manage a 5 day work week? Even if they do maintain the same level of learning (I doubt it) absent will be the discipline, the routine, etc.

    On the flip side if parents aren't working and kids are on a 4 day schools schedule, people with nothing to do we'll probably have an increase in child abuse.
  8. The backbone of wealth, if they had their way, would keep the poor uneducated, bring back slavery, child labor, and any other practice that would increase their net worth.

    Ours would be a class structure that would resemble feudal systems...

  9. You mean like N Korea and soviet russia?

  10. Seems they've got it backwards. They need 7 day school weeks and no summer vacation. I give up, they're hopeless.
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