Duke Sucks

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mytwocents, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. Damn, they hate Duke out west too? I thought it was only in North Carolina.
  2. Lauren, you seem like you're bored....

  3. well, I was planning on this happening (well...hoping I guess is more the word), so I ready to launch my attack the second the game was over.

    (just in case anyone wants some more ;)
  4. @#$%ed up a lot of brackets huh.....
  5. are you above 50 degrees?


    It's just a fluctuation,

    (ps: not to be the opposite of subtle but... I live near Los Angeles and would like something to do this weekend... apart from working out at the gym and doing cardio hikes. Oh, I am going to Calabasas Farmer's Market tomorrow. ;) eh, erm, imagine the possibilities! :D)
  6. I guess it's lines like this that are the reason I've never got a date with Lauren....

  7. I guess Lauren isn't going to reply. This is pathetic.

    Lauren, take the other side of my trade! ;)

  8. coinz...what number username does this make? 20? 21?
  9. As if you only have one username. mm-hm.... ;)

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