Duke refutes Nizkor Argument on the Red Cross and the Holocaust

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    [​IMG] Left, The cover of the International Red Cross Official Reports on the Holocaust. Revisionists point out that that the Red Cross, including a number of officials from the U.S., Britain, France, and Switzerland, inspected the German concentration camps (including Auschwitz) during the height of the holocaust. They interviewed thousands of prisoners and delivered thousands of packages to them. They were asked to investigate rumors of mass killings and gassings. After their investigation they reported back to the American government that they found no a trace of evidence of any mass killings, but they did say in their reports that they had found terrible loss of life from epidemics and lack of supplies caused by the war.

    - Nizkor's response to the Red Cross documents. Essentially they call them duds because the Nazis would have 'dressed up' the place to make it look presentable. As well, the Nazis would have navigated the Red Cross officials only to those places in the camps they saw fit:

    This is an official Red Cross Document; after non-specific threats from jews and zionists - U.S. and the Red Cross were accused of both knowledge of and suppression of "The Holocaust" .

    The Red Cross was ordered by jews to change/alter their eyewitness and fact based documentation of the Camps. At the same time, America was also accused of anti-semitism. Both entities gave in to the pressure.

    Red Cross Evidence:


    Total dead [including Jews and all other prisoners]: 373,468

    Even assuming that number was just all Jews: where did the 5,626,532 others go? Decide for yourself.....
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    Bundes kanzlerin Merkel demanded that the EU adopt their enlightened laws against Holocaust Denial, and the UN General Assembly passed a resolution against Holodenial sponsored by the U.S.

    This means that independent research will be outlawed across Europe generally, and doubters like David Irving can be jailed as Thought criminals.

    This is pure Stalinism, whether they think they are defending Democracy and Capitalism or whatever they call their orthodoxy.

    There is no God but the Nazi Holocaust.

    There is no other historical event that is mandated by law--although some would legislate the circa World War I Armenian-Turkish conflict to be either Genocide or Denial of same. This is, however, rather minor in the Holocaust firmament.

    Also, this is not just in Europe, but the Zionist Lobby would gut the American Bill of Rights if they had their way. The USA sponsored a resolution in the UN, which passed in the General Assembly, condemning Holodenial.

    The West wants to mandate views of history regarding WWII, the Holocaust, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    This is an immediate political move against Teheran, which has sponsored a Holocaust Conference that the Zionist Lobby did not control--and therefore does not approve of. The Zionist Lobby wants to go to war against Iran to liquidate another one of Israel's rivals--and this would have the happy result of putting U.S. military bases across the Iranian oil fields, something that the Global plutocratic elite can eagerly nod to.

    And politically, this is bipartisan Hoaxsterism that will not end in 2008, even though Bush's handling of the Iraq occupation is questioned (but not the fraud that got us in there in the first place, with the complicity of Democrat lawmakers).

    Note in this Yahoo article that participants at the Teheran Holocaust conference are described as criminals. They should be honest and call them Thoughtcriminals. And the canard that Ahmadinejad wants to wipe out Israel is repeated. This is because a casus belli against Iran is needed. Only Israel is allowed to have a nuclear deterent. Iran is not even allowed peaceful nuclear energy because then they would be less beholden to world oil markets for their own energy needs and could export more or less at their own discretion rather than Wall Street's.

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    I'll just go with the reports from the people that were imprisoned, I think they would be a good source of info. The rest of the stuff is filtered through the political process.
  4. Holohaux was invented by our zionist controllers.