Duke guys...no dna?

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  1. This should be interesting. I have no idea what the real story is but, I cant understand how the accuser can flat out lie.
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    Tawana Brawley? Yes, you beat me to it. That was exactly what came to mind when I saw the "prominent members of the black community" holding a rally in her defense.

    Maybe her pimp did her in before the lacrosse team event and she wanted to pin it on some white boys. Maybe the Duke guys are guilty of something or everything. One thing is for sure, the media, the militant blacks and the race baiters have a new topic this week.

    I expect the truth will come out in a week or two.
  3. I have no idea whether the alleged rape occurred or not. But, if it did, does anyone really think for a moment that the party boys would be so dumb (or so drunk), in this day and age: 1) not to use condoms and 2) regardless of whether condoms were used, to leave a goodbye-freedom-hello-prison-cell DNA "deposit" inside her?
  4. Late,,,she also had dna from under her finger nails, so semen wasnt the only thing checked.
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    "I believe her to be a credible person. I would like to believe her story — to try to make up something like that is hard for me to imagine," says attorney Woody Van, who represented the alleged victim four years ago, when she was accused of stealing a taxi and trying to run over a police officer.
  6. "This should be interesting. I have no idea what the real story is but, I cant understand how the accuser can flat out lie"

    two things are clear about rape allegations.

    1) rape is among the most underreported crimes among Part I offenses (especially male on male rape, for obvious reasons. the stigma etc.). iow, fewer rape victims report rape than say, Robbery victims report their robberies

    2) rape is ALSO among the most falsely reported crimes. for obvious reasons. there is a huge stigmatization attached to accused rapists, and unlike the victims (whom the press shields), rape suspects enjoy no such press privilege.

    considering the victim's story - of forcible rape/sodomy, it stretches the credibility that no DNA would be found. we are not talking "unlawful touching". we are talking an alleged violent forcible rape.

    also, as to the prosecutor's comments. prosecutors, like defense attorneys are advocates for a side. that is their job. while they are supposed to be, and mostly are, fair minded and critical, they are also, by virtue of their position - inclined to believe alleged victims. once a story is "bought", the psychological and political pressure against realizing one has been flimflammed is very difficult to give in to.

    not to say the victim is or isn't lying - however - given the forcible rape allegations, i will be very surprised if a conviction results from a forcible rape, where the rape kit did not have some sort of forensic ties to the suspect
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    Worked for O.J.

  8. One of the defense attorneys is claiming they have time-stamped photos that show the alleged victim in a state when she arrived at the party that casts doubt on her allegations. They have not been published yet.

    I am of two minds about this. Clearly there was a lynch mob mentality that took over when the allegations first surfaced. Feminists and radicals at Duke and black activists in Durham intimidated the university into cancelling the lacrosse season and basically firing the coach. It's still not clear to me what he did wrong.

    On the other hand,this would not be the first case of an out-call stripper getting raped. There had been earlier complaints about rowdy behavior at this house. Duke students, particularly athletes, are known to get kid gloves treatment in town/gown confrontations, which are not that rare.

    I think the prosecutor, DA Difong, has behaved inappropriately and perhaps borderline unethically. He had the team convicted in the media before any evidence was analyzed. Today he met with a group at NCCU, the black college where the alleged victim is a student. It sounded more like a campaign appearance than a proper discussion of a pending case. Clearly this DA sees this case as a tciket to greater political prominence and intends to milk it for all it is worth.

    This is the same prosecutor's office that got a murder conviction in the infamous Mike Peterson case that was profiled on one of the network magazine shows. The man's wife died after an apparent fall down stairs. There was very little evidence against him, but the prosecution used such items as homosexual porn on his computer and a mysteriosuly similar fall and deathin Germany over 20 years earlier to sway the jury. The judge was such a moron he made made Lance Itoh look like Oliver Holmes.

    Bottom line, if I'm those players family. I'd hire the best criminal lawyer possible and not say a word to the police.
  9. Actually, that is not accurate. Prosecutors are not supposed to be advocates for a side but rather for justice. In the real world many ignore this and prosecute dubious cases, particularly if there is political mileage to be gained.
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