Duke cheating case hit Asian students

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  1. In their home cultures, he said, "a confession or an admission of guilt can be a way to apologize." He said they sometimes wrote confession letters without understanding the specific accusations.


    Never take blame, never admit fault, never accept responsibility, is the American way. Ever get the feeling that everyone in America is a lawyer?
  2. well something does seem odd if all of the expelled students were international students from asian countries.

    i guess they didnt know that if you confess to the crime, you are screwed.
  3. I couldn't access the link. This it's been removed or something.
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    I hate DUKE University!

    Go to a better school like UNC-Chapel Hill Keenan-Flagler Business School
  6. The investigation began after a professor found similarities in answers to a take-home exam. In an appeal filed last week, Ekstrand said honor code violations were mostly minor and unintentional and questioned why some possibly exculpatory evidence was not given to students before the appeals.

    Honestly, are they serious? There goes on much worse stuff daily in university classes.