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  1. matsat


    I am looking to open Individual account with Duckascopy.
    Does any one have experiance with this broker?
    How can some one open corporate account ? Do you have to have license to have company?
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    I appologaze to post twice something went wrong.
  3. hmmm.........
  4. yigal


    I have an account with them, what do you want to know? And why do you need a corp. account?
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    Hey vigal

    I was just asking about corporate because some brokers ask more money for individual accounts.

    Regards Duckascop I would like to know if u have any problems and what charting you use because that charting is kind of hard to use. How do you use the market depth information to your benefit
  6. yigal


    Yes I have problems getting a fill during news on market orders with a slippage limited to 3-5 pips. Apart from that I dont see any disadvantages. I don't use the MD in my experience it's useless , and for charting I use a free( demo) MT4.
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    Hey vigal how is with margin requirements on open position how much is a minimum that you have to have at all time before the broker call?

    How is carrying over and interest rates working?

    Thank you
  8. zhydenHF


    iT'S true that Dukascopy is very easy in , but it's difficult out (closed positions) ?????.

    Because in Demo i can entry at market with slippage 0 , normal conditions , execution in 0-2 seg ....

    But closed positions ..... a lot of slippage ... because closed in 15 seg .... or more in News ... more than 45 seg i see the other day .... and It was a demo ....

    This is the best problem to Dukascopy ... If Dukascopy will have the same execution that ACM Market ... WYSIWYG what you see is what you get ... Dukascopy will be the better Broker i have ever Known ...

    Ah... the rollovers are Bad . Bad .... + rollover little ... and - rollover .. a lot of negative :( ....

    Sorry with my english I'm from spain.
  9. I downloaded their demo platform and I have to say that I was disappointed with their quoted spreads. I checked during ordinary market conditions and the spread on the majors was between 2 and 4 pips, on the GBP/CHF it was usually around 10. This is nowhere near the 0-1 pip that's advertised on their website. Are these spreads the same you get on the live account?

    You also say you're using MetaTrader4 as your charting application. Have you integrated MT4 with Dukascopy's order processing and account display or do you have to switch applications to enter a trade order?
  10. Dan M G

    Dan M G

    to zhydenHF

    I would also prefer to have a WYSIWYG exe, but I do not like trading against MM, so the only way is to go and trade in a marketplace and use all the tools they give to protect exe.

    As it is a decentralized marketplace, we have to take care of execution, of slippage (=delay of execution if done on another marketplace server). In fact, the slippage function has to be use to open AND to close position. Or we need to use place bid/ask
    As they are not MM, they can not guarantee execution price, they can only give us all the tools to protect ourself. Same during news.

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